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I have two publiched papers, is that enough to be a researcher assistant.!!!Or there is a some requirement!!

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المجموعات الوليدة من هذه المبادرة Sudanese Researchers Foundation قناة الباحثين السودانيين على اليوتيوب: صفحة الباحثين السودانيين ع...

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voting for a question Asked by Hanan Hanan - Nov 13, 2016
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User Image Writing a proposal and study plan Asked by Tariq Osman - Nov 11, 2016 - Edited

What is the difference between a proposal and a study plan ?

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User Image Membrane Biophysics Asked by Mohammed Khalid - Nov 06, 2016

Is there anyone who have experience in using Gaussian09 or Berkeley Madonna in following and simulation of membrane protien dynamics and kinetics.

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User Image Research Grant Asked by Linah Fazaa - Nov 06, 2016

How to get Research Grant?! and what are the options available?!

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User Image Notification icon Asked by Linah Fazaa - Nov 04, 2016

It is transparent,  so the content it is not clear because of the logo, also after opening and closing it, the previous contents can't be retrieved the previous notifications!!  

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User Image Points and level up Asked by Linah Fazaa - Oct 30, 2016

How to get points?!

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User Image Stay logged in Asked by Ghadanfar Khogali - Oct 06, 2016

May the browser keep me logged in with no need to log in every time for using the website. Hence the browser may notify me when there is a new notification.

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User Image volunteers reseachers Asked by Mohammed Ahmed - Oct 02, 2016

can we add volunteers researchers to support development and sustainble projects in sudan .

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