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Steps to asking a question Asked by Hisham Musa - Sep 15, 2016
Make sure you're logged into the website Scroll to the bottom of the home page Click the "ask question" button to get to the question form Write a thoughtful title for your question Fill in your question Revise before posting, ensure the question complies with the posting guidelines Use tags to classify your question Hit the "post question" button if all looks good. Hit the "cancel" button if you changed your mind about posting Voila
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If someone wants to apply for a PhD opportunity what should they include in their personal statement, what should they exclude, and why ?
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Points and level up Asked by Linah Fazaa - Oct 30, 2016
How to get points?!
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Notification icon Asked by Linah Fazaa - Nov 04, 2016
It is transparent,  so the content it is not clear because of the logo, also after opening and closing it, the previous contents can't be retrieved the previous notifications!!  
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Research Grant Asked by Linah Fazaa - Nov 06, 2016
How to get Research Grant?! and what are the options available?!
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