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Membrane Biophysics Asked by Mohammed Khalid - Nov 06, 2016

Is there anyone who have experience in using Gaussian09 or Berkeley Madonna in following and simulation of membrane protien dynamics and kinetics.

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Nov 09, 2016

What programming language do you use ? what sort of proteins ? a little background will give your question more context. Is the problem simulating the proteins or understanding the technique ? 

Nov 11, 2016

The problem about simulating the pehaviour of membrane proteins, specially understanding the mechanism by which the membrane protein maintains its job, we are concentrate to understant the mechanism of one of the most important protein that embeded in the cell membrane (Na,K-ATPase), we already did sort of laboratory experiments and we need those programs to simulate the results we have,

Mar 14, 2019

Sorry just found your question. I used gromacs for BRCA protein, but it can be used as well for membrane proteins you can find the tutorial in their website. My friend used Yassara for membrane protein also. I am interested as well in K-ATP channel, have you done with the simulation and what is your results, can you refer or send the link if you published your work.


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