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User Image Mentorship Asked by Mossab Saeed - Oct 01, 2016

-Is it important for your career development and progress to have a mentor? If yes, why -Do you have a mentor? If yes, -How did you choose your mentor?  

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User Image Library editing Asked by Ahmed Eljack - Sep 27, 2016

I uploaded some information about my book in the library section and I would like to edit and add to them. How can I do that?

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User Image questions Asked by selma AbdElslam - Sep 26, 2016

How to Edite question after posting it ?

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Can we have section in the website only dedicated for prillient  medical  researchs done inside sudan?

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User Image Website time Asked by Ghadanfar Khogali - Sep 25, 2016

I observed in my profile that the last seen time zone is in GMT although i live in Sudan and already entered it as my current location. May i recommend that the system timing to be in ...

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In the field of sustainable development, what is the most advanced program can be used for data analysis?

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If someone wants to apply for a PhD opportunity what should they include in their personal statement, what should they exclude, and why ?

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As we all know, a large portion of our membership will likely prefer to navigate the page and communicate in the Arabic language. Can we facilitate this in any manner? Is it worth doing? If so...

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User Image Library drop-down menu Asked by Mossab Saeed - Sep 20, 2016

It looks like you are planing to have a library resource on the website in form of document, is that correct SRF team? If that is the case, I have another suggestion; what do you think about&nbs...

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User Image The logo Asked by Mohammed Ahmed - Sep 19, 2016

The logo is a little bit small ,and also needs to be brightened , isn't it ?

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