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Poor Posting in the Website Posted by Ahmed Eljack - Dec 28, 2016

Let us ask a serious question here. Why is this website very inactive?

I suggest for the SRF to start collaborating with other Sudanese foundations or organisations that share the SRF the same concepts and goals regarding improving and strengthening the research field in Sudan and linking the Sudanese researchers together all around the world, and as an example for that is the Sudan Knowledge Organisation,which  is an academic, professional and non-political organisation that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information about Sudan and actively promotes the potential of all Sudanese Diaspora across the world to help achieving sustainable development in Sudan.

So on Thursday 3\11\2016 I hosted an event in my university (Alneelain) about the applications and future of neuroscience. Many students from different universities attended that event and it was a nice thing to have such a discussion. I think we really need more events like this in different specialities so to make students interactive regarding science and just to take as something they should study about for the exams. So what do think?

Good evening :) I was thinking about thism my childhood friends are now in different universites in Saudi Arabia (Yes I lived in Saudi Arabia until I came for the university). All my friends universities seem to have a very good online system in which the student can have his account which displays his assignments, grades, classes, modules,...etc. These websites are updated frequently and constitute a very effective way in the interaction between the student and the teachers and administiration. So, what I want to discuss is that why don't we have this powerful way in most of our universities in Sudan? Please comment with what you think are the reasons.

The purpose of this post is to give a quick description about the website section as I noticed some parts are not clear, specially the Spaces and the library. So I will describe each menu item quickly: 1- Home The main landing page, it shows some statistics information about the site such as number of posts, members, questions and books. As well as the recent 5 question After login, the landing page will display your feed based on the people you are following as well as suggested members to follow. However, if you are not following any person then no suggestion will be provided.   2- Questions The question page shows all the question sorted by the most recent first. On the right side, you will see link to post new question, Question filter and tags cloud to find question with specific tags. After you post your question, you can edit the question within one hour time frame and as long as no one provided any answers to your question. So please revise your question before posting it and insure that it is complete Note about the filter “Unanswered Questions”: This filter will display all questions that are not marked as “Answered”. So when someone provide an answer to your question that you feel it is the most correct or the most helpful one, please mark it as “Best Answer” to mark the question as “Answered”. After you mark the answer as “Best Answer” you cannot change it.   2-1 - Question View page Answer Vs Comment: For each question you can either: Provide an Answer: A direct answer to the question, other members can vote on your answer either up vote for helpful answer, down vote otherwise Votes affect your reputation, for more information about votes and reputation please check this page: Reputation Add a comment: The purpose of the comment is to give an space to ask additional information or request more data about the question. Comments are not evaluated and there is no voting on them.   3- Members and Spaces 3-1: Members: The members page lists all the SRF members sorted by the most recent member first. 3-2: Spaces: You can think about Spaces as your own personal space or your own blog within the site. You can use your space to post any materials you want within the general guideline of the site. For example this post you are reading now is on my personal space.     4- Library: 4-1 Library: The library is designed as books exchange platform. If you have some books that you are willing to lend to other member -within your geographical region- you can add their information in the library. If someone is interested in borrowing a book from you he/she then can send you a borrow request. The borrow request will include the member information, book information as well as chat window that allows you both to communicate on how to deliver the book and when should the book be returned. You - as book owner- can then accept or reject the borrow request. If you accepted a borrow request, the book will be marked as unavailable in the library. You should mark the book as available again after you have received it back. 4-2 Publications: The publications section lists all the publications from the member. This section is still under development as of the time of this post.   5- Announcement: Announcement section lists all the website announcement from the site’s moderators.   6-Sudanese Luminaries: The purpose of this section is to establish a sudanese luminaries index, for more information about it please read this post: sudanese Luminaries Use the nomination form to nominate a candidate and the team in-charge of this section will follow up with your candidate. 7- Contact: This is a straightforward section, provide a contact form to contact the SRF team.   8- About : Another straightforward section :) 9- Search : You search the website using the search (magnifying glass icon) button. Your search query must be 4 letters long or more. The search result will be divided into several parts with the number of matches next to each part. Those parts are : Questions Profile Publication Books Luminaries